Check out ways to dust your teak patio furniture in a jiffy!

As one of the most durable teak garden furniture, teak has been a chosen option for many. Being one of the most expensive categories of wood, quality teak furniture if maintained well can last up to a decade and more. Teak furniture, unlike other variants of wood, is extremely resilient to environmental conditions. However, with time, it is not uncommon to find development of a silver ash coat on this rich wood.

Do you want to avoid that? Just follow these steps for cleaning your teak furniture, and you will be a total winner!

teak garden furniture

Ways to clean teak patio furniture:

  1. Dusting correctly:

For ensuring a clean look to your teak furniture, you need to dab it constantly with a damp cloth. Soak a piece of cloth in water and squeeze out maximum water from it. After that, rub the furniture softly to remove the dust that is present. You can also use a natural detergent to ensure better cleaning.

  1. Using teak oil:

This specialized oil is the best way to save the furniture from drying out. You need to soak the piece of cloth in timber or teak oil and rub the cracked area gently. This will not only help in healing the cracks but also provide a varnish like cover to your furniture. Leave the oil to soak for a few hours, before you rub the furniture to remove traces of extra oil.

Normally, these 2 procedures are enough to provide your patio furniture with a natural glow and long-lasting effect. But you will have to maintain regularity in the cleaning process so that there is no major accumulation of dust.

Note: Regular caring of furniture is your duty that you will have to undertake. But, before you do that, you need to be sure of the quality of teak garden furniture sets that you are buying. Make it a point to consult authentic suppliers who can detail you on the grade of furniture and ways to care for it.