Amazing trick to get clash royale hack

Those people who love to play clash royale and addicted to it. Today they get an amazing trick to download clash royale hack. It means in this article  they know the wonderful tricks to get free gems and cards. This method is fantastic and many people those who use this trick give positive reviews, so this is confirmed trick by lots of players. This article is very helpful for those who want  free cards and gems.


Process to get free cards

So readers follow the full process step by step and don’t miss any step if you want to get free cards. Let’s see following steps.

A player has to play his game until he get magical chest but don’t open magical chest at any cost.

Clear all chest box by opening them but save magical chest. Now open magical chest and player get card from magical chest.

Now player open only 11 silver chest but don’t open any other box. Readers this is very tricky technique to get free cards and hack clash royale .

After all this player opens 2 gold chest , not more than that and don’t open any box while player open gold chest.

Now player has to wait for 24 hours, he or she don’t need to open any type of chest or to play any battle in game.

Now player has to open two free chest it take very less time. After that player has to open one more silver chest.

Now open this free chest , by opening this chest player get a card to play clash royale hack.

Last tip if player want to follow in this process he or she can. In this player can join battle before step 4 but not after that until the process is complete.